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Marriage Equality

My wife and I grew up with gay relatives who I think in many ways wanted it all: to be in a loving, long-term relationship, and to be moms and dads. But, at that time, that just wasn’t possible. I would like to think that today my dad’s generation and our own generation can live the fullest life possible and love their beloved. I know I want my kid to be able to have it all – free from fear, free from judgment, full in the knowledge that love is love and human values transcend outward differences.

What my team and I do best is celebrate you and your life and community. We get our clients, they get us, and it’s just a wonderful partnership of celebrating that which you cherish most about your life together. And if we can elevate your sense of just how loved, befriended and embraced you are just a bit, then we have hit the ball out of the park.