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Both Kathryn and I have a serious case of wanderlust. I have lived in France during two periods of my life and have traveled independently in, well, a bunch of countries as varied as wintertime Iceland to festival time in South India. Just waking up to different noises, whether the call to prayer at 4:45 AM or the din of diesel trucks or animals outside of a tent, is amazing. It puts us back in touch with the immediate, with the present moment, and just how amazing life is. We love spending time in other cultures and cultivating an appreciation for how different people are.

Its not a far leap to realize that what makes people happy in many places in the world has nothing to do with being plugged in, flash sales, or eating at a new restaurant. I am also a bit of a language junkie and love being able to communicate and be gracious in other people’s language and customs. Its part of sharing ritual with others in a way that is momentarily surprising and there is a click between that individual and myself even though we’re not very far past “good day to you, thank you for the tea”.

I think this is part of what makes us such great cross-cultural wedding photographers – we have photographed weddings in ten different religious traditions in Atlanta alone. We approach these experiences with respect and inquisitive wonder, striving to customize the photography to best suit the needs of our client.