Drew Newman Photographers » Photography is life, and life should be extraordinary. We are classic wedding photojournalists and we capture the emotional moment better than anyone else. We support Marriage Equality and we love to travel!

Drew and Company

Working Together

My team and I are really, really great at what we do. We are not only great storytellers, we have seasoned well enough that we can create a very specific, joyful experience of being celebrated. It’s a felt sense of trust and a cultivated sense of shared endeavor in making great photographs together.  Our clients see photos as a way to express themselves and they want their friends’ and families’ personalities captured more than their photo faces.

What we do better than anybody else is create a cohesive portfolio that captures the feeling being celebrated. Its a big intangible but you’ll notice we are interested in the whole picture: creating an amazing portfolio that captures the moments that define your day, portraits that make you feel that much more in love, and a one on one relationship with your photographer who totally gets you that makes it all incredibly rewarding.

Clients and colleagues describe our work as intimate, personal and filled with emotion. On the day we photograph discreetly and allow the day to unfold without interference. Your community of friends and family are incredibly important to us. Capturing that amazing show of affection is something that our clients cherish over the years and clients appreciate that we are there to photograph for the whole family.

About Drew

I feel as though my work as a photographer fits perfectly with my life. My wife and I have travelled widely for pleasure and work, and we love our ever-growing community of clients who become friends My kids are adorable and wickedly smart and teach me something new everyday.  All of these parts of my life fit together to create a beautiful balance, which I try to communicate through my work.